Hyphen Hub is a New York-based non-profit interdisciplinary new media art organization that explores, promotes, and presents new visions of the future through the integration of art and emerging technologies. Hyphen Hub produces innovative live performances, organizes art salons, and curates art exhibitions with established and emerging new media artists who work on the vanguard of creative technologies — from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence, FashionTech, bionics, robotics, and cyborgism.

Its objective is to serve as a nexus to create transformative collaborations — a new type of synergism — between artists, practitioners, and non-traditional art institutions across various disciplines, resulting in works that are radically new. Furthermore, the organization serves as a platform for a global community of artists, engineers, designers, performers, and tech innovators to connect, share information, and collaborate. 

Hyphen Hub artists have been selected for numerous prestigious awards from around the world, including Ars Electronica. Since its inception ten years ago this year, Hyphen Hub has expanded its community by partnering with institutions such as Bell Labs, Georgia Tech, Manchester Metropolitan University, FACT, CERN, Festival de la Imagen, La Mama Experimental Theater/Culture Hub, Broadway theater world, several embassies, and the United Nations, among many others.


Meet Us

Asher Remy Toledo (b. Colombia) is the co-founder of Hyphen Hub, a nonprofit organization that, promotes and presents new live works by artists that integrate art and technology. Based in New York, Hyphen Hub showcases cutting edge work in a variety of formats and platforms and actively develops a global network of emerging and established multimedia artists, curators, innovators, thinkers, and producers of events with a strong focus on nascent technology.

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Marc Routh is a theater Broadway producer with seven Tony awards, including best musicals for The Producers, Hairspray, he is also one of the producers of STOMP. He is the co-founder of Broadway Asia, one of the largest production, management, licensing, and touring companies of live entertainment productions throughout the Asia Pacific region Broadway Asia International has garnered more than 60 global theatrical awards through its many

Anouk Wipprecht (b. the Netherlands) brings to the Hyphen Hub team a world of knowledge and expertise in creating experiences that engage audiences from all backgrounds. She is a sought after inspirational speaker and a convener of brilliant individuals and organizations, having built connections and collaborations with a multitude of innovators worldwide-from visionary artists to leading companies such as Intel, AutoDesk, Google, Microsoft, Cirque Du Soleil, Audi, and 3D printing company Materialise. We share her passion for producing otherworldly and exciting live experiences and, through them, revealing extraordinary visions of the future.

Steve McGroarty has worked in the field of communications for almost 20 years, at both the World Bank and the United Nations. He is responsible for developing communication strategies that help advance the profile and increase the visibility of Hyphen Hub’s artists and events through a range of activities including acting as liaison with artists for live performances, art salons, and exhibitions; managing and updating the website; designing and creating invitations to salons and events; writing and editing articles; approaching donors for funding; drafting press releases, and creating social media content.

Neil Ramsay, is a Creative Economist, he is working on strategic and business development for FAT Village (Food, Art + Technology) a Fort Lauderdale designated arts district. Co-designer of the first incubator located in a State of Florida University System dedicated to the entrepreneurial development of creative practitioners. a Principal at CUUE, Inc. Creative Unique Urban Experiences, a mixed-use development company, and design theory repository. Consultant for Creative Capital (NYC), Mentor – NEW INC New Museum (NYC), Board Advisor – Hudson Community Incubator (Hudson NY), Creative Strategist – HYPHEN-HUB (NYC), Guest Professor – FIU School of Architecture+Design.