Salon: Intuition & Technology | Jakob Steensen & Barbara London

Date: 18 April 2019
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: New Inc, 231 Bowery, NY, 10002

In partnership with NEW INC, Hyphen Hub organized the salon Intuition and Technology with Barbara London and Jackob Steensen. The salon was moderated by the founding director of Hyphen Hub, Asher Remy-Toledo.

In this discussion, Barbara gave us a preview of her upcoming book Video/Art: The First Fifty Years (Phaidon). Jakob then gave a sneak preview of the exhibition to premiere at the 2019 Venice Biennale titled, RE-ANIMATED (for which it won the Future Generation Art Prize). A conversation followed between Barbara, Jakob, and Asher about Jakob’s practice and Barbara’s work.

About the guest curator

Barbara London is a curator, writer, and professor who founded the video exhibition and collection programs at the Museum of Modern Art, where she worked between 1973 and 2013. At the time of this salon, she was organizing the exhibition Seeing Sound with Independent Curators International (ICI). Her book, Video/Art: The First Fifty Years was subsequently published by Phaidon in January 2020.

About the artist

Jakob Steensen, a former NEW INC member, uses virtual reality installations that are created with computer game software to take viewers into a world where imagination, technology, and ecology intertwine. To make his work, he collaborates with scientists and artists from different fields, most recently with composer Michael Riesman from the Philip Glass Ensemble.

About the founding director

Asher Remy-Toledo is a Colombian-American producer of art and cultural events. Based in New York, he directs Hyphen Hub, a non-profit organization that discovers, promotes, and presents new live works and exhibitions by artists that integrate art and technology.