Lundahl & Seitl | HyphenHub Community

The duo Lundahl & Seitl have developed a method and an art form comprising staging, choreographed movement, instructions, and immersive technologies, juxtaposed with material objects and the human ability to organize perception into a world. Notions of freedom, autonomy, and what is real, imagined, and perceived are negotiated in an investigation of virtual reality, not as a form of technology but as an ability or sensibility to a relationship with surroundings, with an increased insight into how technology makes ‘us’ and lays the ground for ‘our’ human umwelt – how it connects and disconnects us from each other and other life forms and processes.

Their research is tacit, neuro-diverse, and heuristic. It relies on intuition in an iterative process of allowing concepts, theories and stories to meet the resistance of the physical world via sensory experience, direct observations and listening – often in collaborations with others, such as philosophers, anthropologists, writers, game-engine programmers, neurologists, politicians, curators, as well as the public. Projects are often perennial and develop into series that sometimes fork out into entirely new works. The practice encompasses curation, gallery exhibitions, site-sensitive solo projects, and collective performances in public spaces.

For our first collaboration with ONX – an incubator that forms part of the New York Onassis Foundation, Hyphen Hub conducted a salon showcasing Lundahl & Seitl, a pioneering duo of a new immersive anti-disciplinary practice within contemporary art and performance.