Erwin Redl | HyphenHub Community

Austrian-born artist Erwin Redl uses LEDs as an artistic medium. Working in both two and three dimensions, his works redefine interior and exterior spaces. Born in 1963, Redl began his studies as a musician, receiving a BA in Composition and Diploma in Electronic Music at the Music Academy in Vienna, Austria. In 1995, he received an MFA in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he now lives.

Redl’s works have received attention both nationally and internationally. With his piece Matrix VI (detail), he lit the face of New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art for its 2002 Biennial Exhibit. Works such as Matrix II, which was shown in New York, Germany, France, Austria, and Korea, and Fade I, which animated the Eglise Sainte-Marie Madeleine in Lille, France, explore volume and allow people to move through lit spaces.

As a part of HyphenHub Salon Series, we presented Erwin Redl, who investigates the process of “reverse engineering” virtual reality and 3D computer models back into architectural environments by means of large scale light installations. Erwin installed at The Red Door his mesmerizing work Twists and Turns, a large-scale light installation using suspended clear glass plates to reflect animated blue and red lasers.