Alba Triana | HyphenHub Community

My work emerges from a deep interest in the natural world. It delves into omnipresent vibrational energy, interconnectedness, and nature’s self-organization. These fundamental phenomena, within both living and inert entities, govern all levels of the natural structure —from atomic particles to biological elements, to society and the stars—and greatly determine who we are and what we manifest.

My artistic quest has led me to understand the natural world as an indivisible whole that is intrinsically active, interconnected, ever-evolving, and self-organized. It suggests that our human condition is an expression of nature.

Thus, I approach my practice holistically, engaging in experimental, technological, and cross-disciplinary creative methods. Outside the predominant narratives in music, sound, and the visual arts, I propose a line of inquiry that links human and non-human, alive and inert, and knowledge in its broadest sense.

I create analog, real-world environments that expand our physical experience by unveiling the natural vibrational activity of objects and spaces audibly and visually. These works include immersive multi-sensory installations, sound and light sculptures, and vibrational objects. They employ vibration and other energy phenomena as primordial materials, approaching their diverse perceptual manifestations in a unified fashion, blending music, installation, sculpture, and performance.

As in the natural world, my artworks tend to be self-generating and evolving. Statistics and probabilities set the identity and functional parameters in each work. This allows for innumerable globally determined outcomes.

Informed by AR and AI, I develop analog techniques and technologies that render perceptible otherwise invisible and intangible phenomena—without using digital simulations. Computer coding allows me to “hack” such non-perceptible activity and to compose probabilistic and generative narratives and behaviors.

Although these artworks are analog, they couldn’t be produced before the digital era. State-of-the-art digital tools and ideas are present throughout my creative process— from conception and experimentation to execution. New, old, and DIY technologies coalesce in my creative process, making technology the context, tool, and by-product that gives rise to my poetic interpretation of nature.

By advancing art not only as a form of expression but also as a powerful form of knowledge, I aspire to contribute to the historical quest of decoding the natural world and what it means to be human. Using art, I hope to provide unique insight into the unfathomable essence of nature and the complexity of all the processes that make us human.

I also hope to help reformulate the nature-human relationship, resituating humanity within the natural world, rather than outside it. This is indispensable to overcome the anthropocentric paradigm and critical socio-cultural issues threatening us and our home.

Through the contemplation of nature at a primordial level, I seek to induce a state of awe and a profound identification with the fundamental elements that animate and unite us. Connecting with our essence—the very essence of everything—has an expansive effect on our consciousness. It helps us recognize our role and position within this world and modulate our attempts at mastery and domination.

Alba Triana received one of the two 2023 Awards of Distinction from Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) for her work Harmonic Motion, a musical composition and immersive installation that explores the vibrational and interconnected essence of the universe. It delves into the dynamic web of waves and resonances that link all matter and energy, permeating all aspects of existence, including the sound(s) we hear and the music we create.