Yucef Merhi & Alon Ilsar | 2013

Date: 21 November 2013
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: The Red Door, 140 W 24th St, NY 10011

For this event, we showcased two artists working with modified controllers to create new poetry, gesture, and music forms.

Yucef Merhi

Yucef Merhi is a Venezuelan-born and Miami-based curator and digital art pioneer. For this salon, Merhi premiered Reactive Poetry, which engages in the performative aspect of computer-generated poems. Automatically-generated verses were recited by the artist along with the computer. Likewise, Merhi employed Atari video game devices to establish a direct dialogue with the machine, centered on 8-bit sounds and visuals.

Alon Ilsar

Alon Ilsar is an Israeli-Australian instrument designer, experimental percussionist, and composer. He merges electronic percussion with percussive gestures for expressive live performances. For this event, he showcased and talked about his invention, the AirSticks, a new interface for electronic percussionists to trigger sound through gestures in the air.

The event featured a very special one-off live electro-acoustic performance compromising of musicians from across the world: Alon Ilsar on AirSticks, Kyle Sanna on guitar, Christian Coleman on drums, and Peter Hollo on cello.