Tristan Perich | HyphenHub Community

Tristan Perich’s (New York) work is inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics and code. The WIRE Magazine describes his compositions as “an austere meeting of electronic and organic.” 1-Bit Music, his 2004 release, was the first album ever released as a microchip, programmed to synthesize his electronic composition live. His follow-up circuit album, 1-Bit Symphony, has received critical acclaim, called “sublime” (New York Press), and the Wall Street Journal said, “its oscillations have an intense, hypnotic force and a surprising emotional depth.” The New York Times called his latest circuit album, Noise Patterns, “techno for silicon-based life forms.” As an electronic musician, he has performed internationally, from Sonár, MUTEK and the Barbican to Lampo and The Kitchen. As a composer, he has received commissions from So Percussion, the LA Philharmonic, Calder Quartet and more, as well as an award of distinction from Ars Electronica for his work for violins and 1-bit electronics, Active Field. The New York Classical Review wrote, “More than any composer of his generation, Perich is establishing a new language and a new future path for music.” As a visual artist, his audio installations, video works and machine drawings have received commissions from the likes of Rhizome and L’Auditori in Barcelona, and his artwork has been exhibited internationally, including the Museum of Modern Art, VOLT Festival, the San Diego Museum, the Georgia Museum, and bitforms gallery.

As a part of HyphenHub Salon Series, multimedia artists Richard Garet and Tristan Perich performed in the company of percussionist Ian Antonio who played the electronic marimba.