Sound & Science | Richard Garet & Juan Cortés
Date: 25 January 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: 131 W 24th Street, NY, 10011
Multimedia artists Juan Cortés (also a member of multimedia art collective Atractor) and Richard Garet (Contour Editions founder) performed live together to celebrate Radio Parasites, the first release of the year of Contour Editions by Atractor.

The featured performance for Hyphen Hub Salon Series – Sound & Science – was developed during an artist residency at CERN for which it received the Collide Award. This work is a continuation of a series of programming, digital, visual, and sound experimentations about an uncertain and hypothetical period named by astrophysicists as the Dark Ages, after the great Big Bang explosion when matter started to shape the constellations of the Universe.

​About the artists

Richard Garet

Richard Garet works with sound and visual arts. His materials emerge from ontological investigations of background noise and the decadence-and-decay of technological utilities. Garet seeks to invert the normative function of background noise from the unconscious status to active presence. The images and objects in his work stem from processes and experimentations applied to both outmoded and current technological media that emulate situations that translate material source into abstractions.


The second presentation featured Colombian art collective Atractor which was recently commissioned to create an installation on the subject of Dark Matter by CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. This project toured Europe, (F.A.C.T. Liverpool and CCB Barcelona) and salon participants got a first glimpse at Atractor’s latest work in progress: a collaboration with Magdalena, an internationally renowned DJ-Producer in the techno scene.

Contour Editions (Guest producer)

Contour Editions is a platform focused on presenting the work of contemporary artists who are exploring the various possibilities of sound and moving image. The platform makes accessible time-based works that are engaged with notions of listening, vision, media exploration, materiality, process, and concept.