Salon: Sensing The Unseen/ Jakob Steensen & Kay Watson 2022

Date: March 5 th 2022
Location: Chelsea
New York, NY 10011

For this evening — our first Hyphen Hub salon of 2022 and our third one since the beginning of the COVID pandemic — the event drew a large and diverse audience from all corners of
the globe. Composed of new media artists, curators, museum directors, performers from the worlds of theater and dance, writers, and others, guests were overjoyed to come out
and celebrate the relaxing of COVID rules in New York City, which went into effect the day of the salon.

Jakob Steensen began with a recap of a selection of his work over the previous four years since he first presented at one of our salons (his second Hyphen Hub salon was organized
two years later at the New Inc.). Jakob described the production, the research and the collaborations with other creators and researchers to develop his piece Re-Animated which
was presented at Kensington Gardens and Serpentine Galleries in London. He also gave us insights into the production of his latest work Berl-Berl, his largest solo exhibition to date
which was recently on view at the iconic techno club Berghaim in Berlin. We then had the pleasure of hearing from curator Kay Watson, director of Art Technologies at Serpentine.
Watson gave us a thorough mapping of the programming at the famous institution — from the commissioning program where they build teams and work on the production of
ambitious art works to their R&D program, a more experimental, artist led research platform which focuses on collaborations between art and emerging technologies.
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