Lisa Park | HyphenHub Community

Lisa Park (b.1987) is a Korean-American artist who works with emerging technologies to create interactive installations and performances. Park is currently serving as a full-time lecturer in the Fine Arts & Design undergraduate department at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania.

Her work is renowned for incorporating sensor technology to explore the significance of human connections in the digital age. Through her installations and performances, she adeptly utilizes biofeedback devices and touch sensors to translate this invisible data into auditory and visual representations.

Park is a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (Digital/Electronic Arts), and her works have been prominently featured in various media outlets, including Art21, Artnet, The Creators Project, New York Times Magazine, Wired, PBS, Time Out NY, and the New York Post. Her artworks have been exhibited in various art museums and festivals both domestically and internationally, making appearances at esteemed venues such as the New Museum (USA), Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center (USA), ArtScience Museum (Singapore), Hong Kong Arts Centre (Hong Kong), Trapholt Museum (Denmark), National Center for Contemporary Arts (Russia), Nuit Blanche Toronto (Canada), and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (South Korea), among many others.

Park received her BFA in Fine Arts from the Art Center College of Design and MPS in Interactive Art from New York University. She has previously resided in both New York City and Seoul and is currently based in Philadelphia.

As a part of HyphenHub Salon Series 2013, Park talked about her practice and research in the areas of physiological measurements as auditory and visual representations. She then presented Eunoia, an interactive performance, and installation that utilizes the artist’s states of consciousness-captured via her brainwaves to manipulate the motions of water.