Juan Cortes & Daniel Neumann | 2015
Date: 25 March 2015
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: The Red Door, 140 W 24th St, NY 10011

For this event, Hyphen Hub presented two outstanding sound artists who hacked in and explored the history of Hyphen Hub’s home, the now lost, legendary music venue—The Red Door—(the Rolling Stones’ former New York recording space) through site-specific performances.

Juan Cortes

Juan Cortes, a visiting artist from Colombia, connected sensors to the fuse box of The Red Door and performed 60 Hz, an audio-visual performance in which he captured and translated the electromagnetic signals of the venue by a specially designed Arduino wearable on his hand.

Daniel Neumann

Daniel Neumann, a German-born, Brooklyn-based sound artist, and engineer performed Red Door Slowly Closing using and misusing all the equipment he found at the venue: the sound system, microphones, old amplifiers, mixers, and other accumulated obsolete and ancient gear from the basement, closets, and nooks.

The night was moderated by curator Regine Basha and followed by a meet-and-greet with the artists.

Special thanks to Raul Gonzalez, manager of The Red Door, who spoke about the rambunctious history of the event and music space, and to Daniel Belquer who was the night’s production manager.

Note: Hyphen Hub’s original home, The Red Door on W 24th Street, (sadly) permanently closed in 2015. For more information about the space, the owner Giorgio Gomelsky, and to see a video of the venue before it shut its doors.