Hyphen Hub co-curates the Festival Internacional de la Imagen 2024: Geopoiesis

For the seventh consecutive year, Hyphen Hub was invited to co-curate The International Image Festival, on its 23rd edition, the festival took place in the cities of Manizales and Bogotá. Asher Remy-Toledo brought a contingent of artists and curators from the global Hyphen Hub community.

In its twenty-three editions, the FII has managed to establish an international network of institutions, researchers and creators who exchange experiences and knowledge every year, positioning itself as an event of international relevance and academic reference in design, art, science and technology. Fort 2024, the festival under the theme of Geo-poiesis, called on creators to reflect on the future and plan actions that guarantee the sustainability of our environment. Because of this, Geo-poiesis emerges as an interdisciplinary concept that embodies the confluence of the earth (‘geo’) and creation (‘poiesis’). Thus, this concept places us at the epicenter of a dialectic that questions how we understand, interact and shape our environments and how, in turn, these environments shape us


For this 2024, Hyphen Hub had the support of Onassis / ONX organization who sponsored two of the artists brought by Asher Remy-Toledo to the festival.  The participant members of this year’s HH contingent were.


  • Curator Barbara London, U.S.
  • Artist/ performer Claudix Vanesix, Peru
  • Electronic DJ EDNA, France
  • Artist Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Mexico-US. Sponsored by Onassis/ONX
  • Artist Kevin Peter He, U.S.  Sponsored by Onassis-ONX
  • Only Slime duo musical performance, Tobi Pfeil and Claudia Cox, Norway
  • NEKO3, Denmark