Digital Humanism 2019

Wallplay was pleased to bring together eight artists, co-presented by Asher Remy-Toledo of Hyphen Hub. The group of artists and Hyphen Hub represented a subset of the New Museum’s NEW INC 2018-2019 cohort. This broad showcase aimed to open a window into the talented minds that make up NEW INC’s vibrant and multifaceted community. NEW INC is dedicated to fostering “new art and new ideas”. Therefore, each artist presented work engaged with innovative technologies, bringing attention to both present and future realities just beyond the horizon.

Each artist’s work in some way explored evolving forms of social consciousness through dialogue in technological development. This illustrates the rewiring of minds in a process of exaptation, in order to adapt to new forms of seeing, feeling, and expressing. These themes are re-evaluated incessantly as the boundaries of new media expand. And ultimately, Remy-Toledo himself is interested in psychological motivations that lie in between each exhibited work, such as the “fear of missing out”(FOMO) when the process of adaptation is simply not fast enough.


Janet Biggs, Mattia Casalegno, Andrew Demirjian, Chestel Dols, Rad Mora, Damjanski, Catalina Tuca and little GIANT Wolf