Culturehub: REFEST 2022

Zoom Webinar & Livestream
Date: Monday, March 21, 2022
Time: 11:00 am ET / 8:00 am PT

Free but requires registration

CultureHub’s annual festival activates our community through performances, workshops, conversations, and a gallery of video art by 100 artists presented in a custom-built virtual space. The theme for ReFest 2022 is Re-Unification: how should we come back together to imagine the world we want to create after periods of social isolation, political unrest, and devastating loss?

ReFest 2022 will kick off on Monday, March 14 with the virtual gallery opening followed by daily workshops and conversations. Live performances will take place on Friday, March 18 and Friday, March 25.
Hyphen Hub will be taking part on this year’s festival by bringing Fito Segrera, an artist from the HyphenHub community, and also organizing a conversation with our partners at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Colombian artist Fito Segrera will have a conversation around the works Agnosis: The Lost Memories and Datasphere, two portable electroencephalograms that, through machine learning, image processing algorithms and video hardware, reflect on the construction of collective memory and the possibility of understanding technologies as tools to create social fabric.

In the works, the social VR platforms become scenarios to travel through the memories (materialized as ghostly projections) of Afro-descendant communities of the Caribbean with whom Segrera worked during 2013. Can technology mediate our relationship with present and suppressed memories of historically segregated communities? What role have technological tools played in the representation of otherness?

In this conversation, the artist will exchange ideas with members of the School of Digital Arts-SODA, Manchester Metropolitan University and Hyphen Hub. Panelists include: Fito Segrera, Asher Remy-Toledo, Dr. David Jackson, Marsha Courneya, and Valentino Catricalá.
To join the conversation, register for the Zoom webinar above.

This conversation is presented by the partnership Culturehub-HyphenHub-SODA (School of Digital Arts) at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Fito Segrera (b. 1983, Colombia) is an artist and creative technologist working at the intersection between art, philosophy and technology. Segrera’s philosophical and poetic systems investigate our conventional models of cognition and perception, the limitations of Mind and our relationship with the world and ourselves. His current artistic practice attempts to use the rationality of artificial intelligence to lift the veil of the irrational by exposing the errors behind machine learning and cognitive computing systems. Segrera’s installations and sculptures act as instruments for understanding the limitations of human perception and our ideas about the nature of reality.